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A Woman of Compassion

Choosing the right counsellor or psychologist to help you or your loved one navigate the path through life’s difficulties can be a difficult decision. Anita Prag, southern suburbs psychologist in Bergvliet, Cape Town, South Africa, has established herself as an excellent psychologist and counsellor. Not everyone is actually cut out to be a psychologist, however there’s nothing stopping a person from studying and qualifying as one, provided they get the grades and receive the necessary qualification. Unfortunately there are some psychologists out there that have brilliant credentials and may have passed their graduation examinations with flying colours, however they lack certain qualities that make a really good psychologist.

A psychologist needs to be more than intelligent enough to complete the many years of university studies. A good psychologist needs to have feel for their clients’ needs and difficulties. I know this may sound a little esoteric, but it true. Certain people are by nature more intuitive and empathetic than others. It’s happened to all of us at some time or other. Something is troubling us deeply that we are keeping to ourselves. We manage to get by without most people picking up on it, even our spouses or close friends. And then you run into an acquaintance that doesn’t necessarily know you all that well, and the first thing they ask is “What’s wrong, you seem troubled?”. This is the kind of intuition I am talking about. It is not something that can be taught or learned from a book, but rather a God given talent.It would be wonderful if there was some way that we could ensure that these kind of people found their way into the counselling and psychology professions, but unfortunately many of them never do. I suppose the career choices we make are not always the right ones and there are many factors that influence which path we take. often pressures from parents or family force us into career choices that aren’t suited to us. Maybe there is the expectation to take over the family business, or perhaps there just isn’t any financial means available to study.

To understand why Anita has established herself as the leading southern suburbs psychologist, click here to visit her website and get a better understanding of her values, methodology and commitment to her patients. Working from her practice on Main Road Bergvliet, Anita consults with patients that are dealing with a variety of life difficulties. Anita Prag is particularly skilled in dealing with these areas:

  • Bereavement Counselling – coping with the loss of a loved one
  • Couples Therapy – guiding couples through difficult times and helping them mend their relationships
  • Child Psychology – focusing on children that are struggling with emotional problems through play therapy
  • Scholastic Assessments – dealing with concentration and attention difficulties

I mentioned earlier that some people are just natural born carers, counsellors or are meant to become psychologists to allow them to share their gift and ability to help people. Anita Prag is one of these psychologists. If you are lucky enough to live in the Cape Town southern suburbs and need a psychologist, do yourself a favor and make an appointment.