Sustained Sobriety in Tranquil Cape Retreat

Ixande drug rehabilitation centre in Cape Town has recently opened its Sober Living House in Cape Town. A sober house is a safe and secure environment that provides people leaving rehabilitation centres the opportunity to solidify and reinforce the new behaviours they have learned whilst being there. Addictions come in many forms, but all of them are progressive and fueled by compulsive behavior. Every year thousands of people worldwide are admitted in to drug rehabilitation centres, clinics and treatment centres for a variety of addictive behaviors, ranging from sex addiction, drug addiction to online gaming addiction.

So often people leave the safety of the rehab or clinic where they have been, full of optimism and equipped with some new tools for coping with the stressors and factors that led to them become addicts, only to relapse and fall back into their old patterns of addiction shortly after leaving. There are several opinions on why this may happen. Some say that the person had not yet hit their rock bottom and was not serious about abstaining from their drug of choice, or gambling or alcohol, or whatever their problem may have been. There are many however, that feel that the 28-day detox/rehabilitation programme (which is covered by many medical aid plans) offered is simply not enough to change years of learned addictive behavior. For example, if you have been an alcoholic for 15 years and you are admitted willingly into a drug rehabilitation centre like Ixande rehab Cape Town, and you engage to best of your ability and have a strong desire to quit drinking, is 28 days really enough to fortify you and give you the strength to remain abstinent? The problem lies not only in that 28 days is insufficient time to build a strong enough foundation for recovery and get to the bottom of the symptoms of the disease, but also, that whilst in a drug rehabilitation centre or clinic, the environment is extremely safe and controlled. The patients are completely insulated from people, places and things that may remind them of or trigger memories of the blissful euphoric escape experienced through using their drug of choice. During the standard 28-day drug rehabilitation period, patients are virtually completely sheltered from anything that might distract them from the treatment. Mobile phones, laptops, social media etc are all confiscated and in some cases limited usage for 30 minutes weekly is permitted. So, yes, these patients manage to detox, they manage to get some insight into how destructive their behaviours have been and they are given tools on how to manage their addiction. But this is all taking place in the safety of the treatment centre.

All it takes is for somebody who has just recently left treatment, to return to a toxic relationship, have an argument and without giving it any thought, is triggered to pick up a drink, use their drug of choice or gamble, or succumb to whatever addictive behaviour it was that they were trying to manage. The concept of the sober living house was conceived of when people began to realize the need for a sober and transitional space that allows for a person to bridge the gap between the complete safety and insulation of primary care in a drug rehabilitation centre and the life they lead prior to being admitted for treatment. In most cases, sober houses provide a communal living environment for like-minded people who are committed to maintaining their sobriety. Ixande’s sober living house in situated nearby the vibrant Muizenberg beachfront. The sober house can accommodate a maximum of twelve people and comes with free Wi-Fi, DsTV, a live in house manager, comfortably furnished rooms and 24hr video surveillance. Research has proven that time spent living in a peer based sober house maximizes the chances of an addict’s recovery. Additional therapy support is provided by Ixande in Kenilworth in the form of two aftercare sessions per week. These sessions are held on a Tuesday and a Thursday and are each 3 hours long. In addition to this there are several 12 Step meeting in the area in close proximity to the sober house. For meetings that are not within easy access, lifting arrangements can be made.


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