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Grief Counseling | Bereavement Counseling | Assertiveness Training | Anger Management Therapy

grief counseling bereavement counseling assertiveness training anger management therapyDr. Susan Ricketson is a Life Coach dedicated to clients who wish to enrich the quality of their lives — no matter what their age! Her personal and professional philosophy is evident by the name she selected for her Website — Live From Your Heart! In addition to a generalist coaching practice, Dr. Ricketson focuses her workshops and individual coaching on the following areas:

- The Dilemma of Love -
- Enriching relationships with those we love or that are floundering
- Aging with PurposeLife Transitions -
- from Change to Transformation.
- Specializing in dealing with feelings from anxiety and depression to anger and grief as well as handling all other feelings.
- Dealing with feelings and actions involved with the trauma of these hard times.

She is a trained and seasoned family counselor who has worked with couples and individuals using a body-mind integration and holistic approach, and was the co-founder and Executive Director of Triad Recovery Center in Connecticut. She is a Pima County animal counselor who works with people who have lost a pet and need the support in grieving. A member of the Society of Southwestern Writers. Her book, Dilemma of Love, is considered one of most important books on codependency and simply how to live life in the “now”. Susan has been married for 30 years, has 3 children of her own and has raised 4 four step sons!

Dr. Ricketson specializes in personal spiritual transformation with services like grief counseling, bereavement counseling, assertiveness training, and anger management therapy — whether the changes are ones you wish for and of great challenge or ones that have been brought upon you by outside conditions.

Susan has a PhD in psychology and counseling dealing with emotions: discovery and release with resultant freedom. Her specialties are copendency, bereavement counseling, addition recovery, mentor coaching which make her a unique coach. She can deal with emotions and release and clear out the painful past even if you can’t remember it very well. She has been mentor coaching for years, helping other coaches or would be coaches to pass this on in a sophisticated way which really helps people get what they want.

One of her main specialties is her 8 week anger/grief course which is transformational. She does this teleclass and keeps it small (6 people) so she can help each person individually attain their goals. It is for people with anger management issues but she designed it so it really helps those who have depression, anxiety, or are victims of abusive anger but do not know how to access their anger about it. This is where it is unique and one of a kind workshop. It ends on an upbeat note with new leases on life.

Grief Counseling | Bereavement Counseling | Assertiveness Training |Anger Management Therapy


  • Dilemma of Love

  • The Dilemma of Love, Healing Relationships at Different Stages of Life, by Susan Ricketson, PhD, helps you distinguish between healthy love and co-dependent behavior so you can learn to fill your life with satisfying, intimate relationships. Read more here...
  • $9.95

Learn proven techniques to deal with all these issues. Let Dr Susan’s personalized approach help you deal with the emotional roadblocks that unhealthy love and toxic relationships can put in one's path. Rediscover how to live a healthy, emotionally fulfilling life. Life is short, so don’t let grief and co-dependency stop you from reaching your goals. Start now; unleash your gifts and let wonders happen in your life. There is possibility in everything!

Susan is also adept in:

  • Individual Counseling

  • Anger Management

  • Life Coach

  • Health Issues

For additional help, please see my book, The Dilemma of Love. I may have written it just for you.

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