Indications of Depression

Depression affects people in different ways and for different reasons. Its causes are many and each person needs to be spoken with as a unique individual. It is not an event but a continual experience of negative thoughts and unhappy feelings.
You may not know what it is that is causing these gloomy days and that is why I am writing these indications of depression so in case you are experiencing any of them you might identify what is going on for you and get some relief.
To be on the safe side, be sure to see a professional health practitioner, to make sure what you are experiencing isn’t a different serious medical condition or illness.
Here are SOME of the indications of depression:
1. Feeling of sadness that is not easily identified to specific events. Almost anything of a sad nature brings you to tears and you may find yourself sobbing, knowing it has to be more than what is happening at the moment. Or you may have frozen tears, wanting to cry but can’t; you walk around in a state of perpetual sadness and gloom.
2. Feeling alone and lonely. Thinking that no one understands you or your problems.
3. Keeping everything you feel inside, not sharing your troubles with anyone else. Finding it difficult to pick up the phone and say what is bothering you. You may even con yourself into thinking this is heroic, not wanting to bother anyone with your problems.
4. Wanting to go back to sleep as soon as you wake up. Being drawn to sleep or lie in bed often and/or for long periods of time. Wanting to pull the covers over your head.
5. Feeling tired and run down with no pep or enthusiasm for anything. Losing interest in things and people around you. Having trouble FEELING anything except a vague emotional pain in the center of your being.
6. Feeling hopeless, not believing anything will get any better. Unable to enjoy the day or often even incidents that would normally make you feel pleased or happy.
7. Feeling angry, irritated, frustrated in a general way. Being critical and judgmental of people and things on a continual basis.
8. Not feeling a spiritual connection to any Higher Power or any source greater than yourself that could be of solace to you. Sensing there isn’t any force for good in the universe and everything is just a random catastrophe.
9. Critical, negative thinking, often bordering on a paranoid stance: thinking everyone is out to get you or you are being punished for something
10. Trouble concentrating and focusing. Having difficulty making goals and certainly having trouble attaining them. Not being able to follow through on tasks, becoming easily distracted and confused.

Depression is anything from a mild dissatisfaction in life to suicidal thoughts and feelings. It is treatable and can be cured if care is maintained. It is important to get help if you think you fit into at least 3 of these indications. Trust yourself to be honest in answering these inside yourself and reach out if even one of them is truly bothering you.
There are many treatment options available for dealing with depression. One of the most common is prescription antidepressant medications. This can help a large percent of the population but there are side effects and it needs to be accompanied with cognitive counseling.
There are a smaller percentage of people who are unable to take antidepressants, either because of severe side effects or they simply don’t work for them. In that case, coaching and counseling would be most beneficial with someone who has been successful in treating depression.
This article was suggested to me by someone who has experienced depression, and thought it would prove helpful to anyone questioning a vague sense of being lost and forlorn or seriously giving up on life.

If you have lost your joy of life and reason to be, if you feel you are in a downward spiral going nowhere, if you are often feeling immobilized and are having trouble getting things done, do NOT give up hope.

There is light at the end of the tunnel when you face your depression and reach out for help

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