Aging Gracefully

March 4, 2012

For anyone over 50 years, aging gracefully is a challenge. I realized the other day as my birthday is about to arrive that it isn’t for me about age but about how well I feel and what I’m able to do. Most people in my family live to be quite an age and keep their minds in good working order. That is a legacy to live up to and in itself quite an opportunity to think positively with the start of each day, continue to grow spiritually, and keep the gratitude up there.
My job (yes, I’m still working) is to keep myself in the best shape and to help others to go through the various stages of aging in the most graceful way they can. It is also to be compassionate with those (including myself at times) who are finding it difficult to do this and need/want some encouragement and some tips on how to do it. The man who is telling his story in “Water for Elephants” (by Sara Guren) is in his 90′s and has been through a lot. The final chapter shows how he never gave up his passion for what he loved the most and finds a way to regain some of that. It is very touching.
Having perservereance through all the body trauma, obituaries, illnesses, so many loses (people move, they die, they can’t do what they used to with you) is remarkable. This includes dealing with all the feelings that go with those happenings. Often it just seems like too much and we need extra help to go through it. Every birthday is another year of experience and wisdom to pass on to those we love.


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