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Taking a Holiday can help with Depression

Depression is something most of us deal with at some point in our lives. For some in can be more intense and last for longer periods than others. There are several ways to cope with depression. Exercise is a great way to get the endorphins flowing and help us feel better. Alternatively there is also therapy and medication. But often a break from our life situations can help us remove ourselves from our current circumstances and allow us to gain some distance and perspective on our troubles.

When I was younger my whole family used to travel on the train from Johannesburg to Cape Town or Durban. I enjoyed it very much and had lots of fun; I remember falling asleep to the movement of the train and the clickety clack of the wheels as we travelled through the night. It was an exciting adventure for our whole family. It also provided me with a lifetime of fond memories spent with my family. We were quite used to doing adventure tours, but travelling on the Blue Train was a unique experience.
We travelled in relative comfort on the trains we were on, but I have always wanted to experience the luxury of the Blue Train. I remember watching the movie, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ with Hercule Poirot as the world famous detective. Now putting aside the murder part, the lavish train ride always intrigued me. To be a part of the elegance and romance, to enjoy the exquisite dining while you watch the beautiful countryside and changing scenery rush past. To be able to travel on the Blue Train, would be an opportunity to explore and take in the South African sights and sounds in a new way.

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Here is a bit more information on the Blue Train
The Blue Train offers luxury suites that convert form an elegant lounging area to a relaxing and comfortable bedroom. Sleep on the finest bed-linen under soft goose-down in a temperature controlled room, providing the best in comfort. There is even under floor heating for those traveling in the winter months as well as gold finishes in the bathroom. Imagine being immersed in a scented bath, unwinding and relaxing while the world passes by. Only one suite offers a bath and double bed, while the others have twin beds and a shower. Proceeds of ticket sales for the Blue Train are donated to the preservation of endangered animals in Africa.
Continuing with its 5 star services, you can enjoy fine dining which will be one of the unforgettable experiences of the whole trip. The Blue Train comes with on-board chefs that will create menus that will make your mouth water. Utilizing local fresh ingredients, karoo lamb, ostrich and venison are only a few examples of what you can expect. Sip your drinks from delicate crystal and eat off the fine china plates. They also provide halaal, vegetarian and gluten free meal options. Savour all this while relaxing to gentle background music.
Since this is a 5 star service, you can expect the best personal service on the trip. If you need a late night snack or anything else, the on-board butler will be at your beck and call. Beside each bed you will find a telephone which all guests can use to reach the train manager or your personal butler, 24 hours a day.
You can expect:
• Drinks and other snacks that can be served in your private suite
• A laundry service to press your wrinkled dress
• No need to worry about your valuables as there is a safe in all suites
• A luggage van for all the extra baggage you will not need to give you more space in your suite
Traveling from Pretoria to Cape Town, the train will leave the Pretoria main station at about 08:30 and should arrive in Cape Town the following day at 15:00. There is also a stopover in Kimberley on your way where you can explore how people lived during the diamond rush. For those who are train enthusiasts, the engineer will be most happy to share their knowledge with you.
An on-board boutique also offers travellers a chance to purchase some of the finest jewellery and art. You can also get yourself a memento of your trip, to remember your fabulous holiday. The price to travel in the Blue Train is a bit hefty, but well worth saving up and experiencing. This is something that is a once in a life time opportunity.